Being able to continue exercise without burden for a long period of time, and being involved in exercise as part of your lifestyle.








Nothing is more familiar and important than health, but you won’t notice it unless you lose it. According to the WHO (World Health Organization) definition, health is “in perfect physical, mental and social condition, not just illness or weakness.” It doesn’t seem to be healthy simply because you are in good physical condition. However, the body and mind are connected. Various studies have also shown that physical activity can rejuvenate the mind. Certainly, you will feel refreshed after light exercise.



One of the purposes of joining a fitness club is to maintain good health. Especially as you get older, it is not always normal for you to stay in good physical condition. It seems that many years of lifestyle and functional decline are appearing here and there.




In Japan, which has the highest life expectancy in the world, “healthy life expectancy” is attracting more attention. It seems that extending this healthy life expectancy, which allows you to stand and move freely on your own legs, is the key to aging comfortably. There are two main things to be aware of in order to keep your body healthy.




One is that it is medically good. Blood pressure, blood sugar level, blood cholesterol, etc., which are generally indicated by the results of health examinations. In addition to a well-balanced diet commensurate with the amount of daily activity, proper aerobic exercise habits will clean your blood and improve blood circulation.




We also use oxygen when sitting silently. It is sometimes said that aerobic exercise is ineffective if you do not continue for 20 minutes or more, but that is not the case. It can take only 10 minutes, or you can just turn it into a staircase without using the elevator. Accumulation of these things in daily life increases the amount of activity and leads to effects.




Greatly depends on the amount of daily activity. Many of these disorders are due to lack of movement and stiffness or muscle weakness. For example, people who tend to sit down may not even raise their arms above their heads.







Even once a day, you can move your body easily just by moving your whole body like radio calisthenics. However, muscle weakness can only be prevented by training. It is to continue the muscle training little by little.




Aerobic exercise and muscle training. It is important to make both of them a habit. To make it a habit, make each exercise quick and simple. And we will prepare an environment where you can feel free to do it. Fitness clubs are the best way to create this kind of environment. I can continue to enjoy training while doing my best, and above all, I have friends around me who are working hard for the same purpose. This environment is a good stimulus. I want to make exercise a habit and maintain my true health.





What is your ideal body?






If you want to tighten your loose body, aim for a model body, or get a cool silhouette, an exercise program that suits your purpose will design your ideal body.




What I think about counseling members. Everyone has various purposes, but I have the image of “I want to be like this.” For example, I want to be like Mr. XX, a talent, and Mr. XX, a tennis player! And. It is the role of the club trainer to advise you on getting closer to these images. We will check the current situation by measuring body fat and listening to lifestyle habits, and share the gap with the ideal. This “sharing” is very important, and even if only the trainer recognizes it, it will not work. Only with the recognition of the person can the action toward the ideal be started.




There are quite a few things that people unknowingly think about their body. For example, a woman who is 160 cm tall and weighs 50 kg still wants to lose weight! The case I think. This person’s body mass index (BMI) is 19.5, which makes him suitable as a woman and does not need to lose weight at all. A proper BMI of 22 is appropriate, and in this case, a woman weighs 56 kg. So why do you want to lose weight? It may be because they look different from their ideals or they don’t look good on their clothes. Or maybe my boyfriend likes someone who is thin. I think this person needs not to lose weight, but to tighten the body and clean the lines. There are many meanings to losing weight, but I want to keep my body in good shape.




Body design can be achieved by training with muscles. After the age of 25, the muscles gradually follow a downward line. If you do nothing, it will decline and you will just lose gravity. Far from body design, it also begins to affect the continuation of a lively daily life. Muscle training that is often thought to be tough, muscle training that you do not know how to do, muscle training that is unlikely to continue alone, but muscle training that is sure to be effective.




Continue the right way without difficulty = make it a habit! How to get the ideal body design is simple and clear.





Weight control for eliminating obesity and improving illness.






A proper diet is not only to lose weight, but also to acquire the ability to maintain a healthy body for a long time.




Many people may think of “weight down” as simply losing weight. If you just want to lose weight, you should use more (consumed) energy than eat (intake) energy. So if you simply choose to eat less or not, you may lose weight temporarily. But does such a life last long? Also, can you continue to live a healthy and energetic life?




There is a proper weight for that person. Also. There are indicators such as BMI and body fat percentage for proper weight. If you simply weight down without considering this index, you may endanger your health or rebound.




“Weight loss,” “diet,” and “shape up.” It’s a close implication, but each approach is different. If you have already deviated from the appropriate index, it is important to return it there. What approach do you need to take to exercise your current physique? Anyway, lose weight, reduce body fat, improve metabolism and make it harder to gain weight, stimulate muscles and straighten the body line. By selecting and practicing the exercise that suits your purpose, you will be able to obtain the optimum effect. It may be biking. You might swim in the pool. It may be to do muscle training.




The shortest distance to control your weight is to incorporate proper diet (ingestion) and proper exercise (consumption) into your lifestyle in order to know the proper weight and get closer to it.



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