Tame the Tress Mess

you know the feeling: Up until yesterday, your hair looked fine Well-behaved, no big surprises. Today, your formerly puffed hair is flat. Or shooting out in new directions. Or so staticky that you’re afraid you’ll electrocute yourself if you touch it.

You’re having a classic bad hair day, and your knee-jerk reaction is to dunk your head in a bucket of water and start over. What happened


Your environment-internal and external-can affect the way your hair looks can using too many Whatever the cause, here are some instant ways to fix various causes of bad hair, recommended by hair care experts from Los Angeles.

Soak your bead

Dunking your head in the sink might not be a bad idea, says.

often than not, bad hair is caused by residue left by various products,” explains Dr. Leave-in conditioners, styling gels and hair all leave a residue on hair that builds up and eventually causes it to do something other than what you intend. Use a clarifying mild cleansing shampoo with no conditioners-to strip all the gunk from your hair. Lather and rinse thoroughly.

 Condition it.

Follow shampooing with a lightweight conditioner that’s intended to detangle hair, says Dr. Look for one labelled “detangling conditioner and follow the label directions. This type of conditioner is designed to keep hair smooth and shiny without leaving a heavy residue.

 Go for the gel.

If your hair is limp and flat, a small dab of gel can give it a lift, says Elizabeth Hartley, creative director for Vidal Sassoon When your hair is still damp, smear a pea-sized dollop of gel into hand, rub your hands together, then lean over from your waist and your hair forward. Smudge the gel through your roots. Stand

your hair back, shake your hair and forget it. You should have all the volume you need.

Moisten ends only.

If your hair tends to be a little dry on the ends, squeeze a half-teaspoon of a leave-in moisturizer on your hands, Hartley adds. Then smudge it through your hair from mid-shaft to the ends of each strand, Shake or comb your hair into place and be on your way.

Fix frizzes.

If humidity gives short or medium hair a bad case of the frizzes, tame it with styling gel and protective moisturizer, such as a spray-on, leave-in conditioner, says Liz Cunene, a consultant tri colorist, a hair-care specialist). Shampoo and condition first, towel dry, then put a teaspoon of gel in your palm, rub your hands together and work the gel through your hair. Apply the moisturizer, style as usual and go.

Snip and trim.

When frizzes are caused by a perm gone bad, the only remedy is a trim, says dermatologist Dr.

Spray, roll, then blow dry.

To tame stat icky flyaway hair, spray a thermal styling conditioner such as Heat Safe on your hair after shampooing and conditioning with your regular daily products, says Dr. Heat Safe has four different moisturizers that penetrate the surface of cache hair, allowing you to style. condition and protect your hair as you dry it. You can find Heat Safe in chemists. Then pop a few Velcro rollers into your hair and use your dryer on its lowest setting to set the curl. Or simply blow-dry, without rollers. To prevent damaging your hair, hold the dryer at least 15 to 30 cm away from your head, says Dr. Let your hair cool, then style as necessary.

Curl with steam.

If your normally wavy or curly hair has lost its bounce, a curling iron can help, says Dr, before curling, cool the iron by curling it around a wet towel. The result is a cooler treatment less likely to cause split ends.

Plug in your bot rollers.

You can bring almost any hair under control by applying a thermal styling conditioner and using a set of electrically heated hair rollers, says Wendy, hair care manager at Neutrogena. Wash and condition as usual, spray in the thermal styling conditioner, then roll your hair. Wait ten minutes, remove the rollers, leer your hair cool, then style as usual.

Get it shaped.

For preventing bad hair days, nothing beats a great haircut, says Hartley. The cut is the foundation of every style. A professional stylist can structure your hair into a shape that will emphasis your hair’s strengths-texture, line, color and shine, for instance to prevent many of the problems that trigger bad hair days.