Most of what goes in should come out somewhere. You can be

eating the world’s most wonderful diet, living a life of quiet ease

and naturalness, but if your eliminatory organs don’t disgorge the debris left behind by your metabolic building processes you’re in trouble. Regular elimination is as vital as efficient assimilation. So if you have fasted for a while to clean out the debris, what then? For perfect balanced health you will need to consider the various avenues of elimination and make sure that they are working properly for you on a long-term regular basis. And please go at it gently. Don’t start cleansing all six channels at once. (In case you are wondering, the six channels are the lymphatic system, the lungs, the liver, the skin, the kidneys and the bowel. I am not a great believer in the old-fashioned purge favoured by so many herbalists; for one thing it may leave you so weak and depleted that it puts you off natural medicine for ever. For another, what you assimilate is just as vital as what you eliminate. You can determine which channels are working well for you and which are not with a bit of common sense. Are you constipated or do you get diarrhea? Do you suffer from water retention? Do you sweat horribly, or not at all even with vigorous exercise? Do you ever feel liverish or get indigestion? Do you suffer from swollen glands, earaches, sore throats, colds? Do you

get spots, dandruff, bad breath? If you want your needs fine-tuned arrange a consultation with a well-trained iridologist (see the contact address in the Appendix). Such a person, by examining your eyes under magnification together with lots of close questioning, will be able to determine

your inherited and acquired tendencies towards health and dis ease, your general bodily condition and the state of every organ in your body. Certainly iridology is the only science I know of that can reliably tell you the state of your lymphatic system and, what is more, warn you of problems there ten or fifteen years ahead; and considering that the breakdown of the lymph system is at the forefront of so many of the serious illnesses occurring in the last decades of life, it is as well to nurture it and keep it in good shape.

The Lymphatic System

This can best be described as the body’s vacuuming system. Unlike the blood circulation, it doesn’t have the heart to act as the pump; it moves lymphatic fluids around the body through the action of muscles and the lungs, through a one-way valve system, collecting poisons as it goes and disposing of them through the bladder, bowels, lungs and skin. The lymphatic vessels are parti cularly concentrated in the groin, behind the knees, in the armpits and under the chin, but they spread like a gossamer network of tubes about the diameter of a needle throughout the body, covering every area except the central nervous system. Lymph vessels house a vast population of white blood cells all bent on attacking and ingesting invaders and cleaning out waste. Dif ferent types have different specialized roles. The B lymphocytes produce antibodies which immobilize the invader when it comes, whether it be from chemical or bacterial sources. The T-cells actively hunt for foreign invading cells, bacteria, fungi, viruses and allergens by producing lymphocytes and macrophages. Be tween them they act as a good policing team ensuring that your auto-immune system is doing what it should. If they falter, lymphatic statis occurs, and one of the lymphatic nodules swells up with poisonous waste or metallic residue. What you feel is a lump, and you may see a bleeding or enlarged mole. By the time you spot this it means your auto-immune system is on its belly, not just its knees and needs very urgent attention.

The lymphatic system can grind almost to a complete halt if you are constantly exposed to heavy metal and industrial chemicals – breathing them in, putting them on your skin or cating them. It may sound like a frightening scenario but there are

plenty of simple ways in which you can assist your lymphatic system

Vigorous exercise acts as a powerful pump for the lymph glands and the body heat you generate burns up any excessive fat being marshalled in the lymph vessels. The best way to get the lymph moving is to trampoline on one of those mini trampolines 3 or 4 feet across, but please don’t use one of these if you are prone to prolapse. I am seeing an alarming number of women in my clinic who have taken up trampoline rebounding with a vengeance and are aggravating prolapse bladders, wombs and colons. Given this warning, the up-and-down movement of trampolining, together with the unique acceleration-deceleration effect, changes the force of gravity in your body as no other exercise can, putting the lymphatic and blood circulation systems under intense rhythmic pressure. This stimulates the dumping of wastes from all the cell into the interstitial fluid which the lymph system obligingly picks up and flushes away. There is an added bonus – the oxygen you breathe in encourages the on going purification of your whole


system. Your muscles have got to be in fairly good shape before you start any kind of rigorous exercise, so if in doubt begin with long brisk walks: really striding out and swinging your arms. You can graduate to running if you are very strong, providing you keep to soft surfaces like grass-cement or tarmac can be very shocking to your internal organs. Swimming long steady laps solves this problem altogether as you are comparatively weightless in water.


This is a wonderfully effective way of moving the lymph from the superficial vessels round the body as well as softening and freeing up any hardened, impacted lymph mucus from the nodes. Five minutes of skin brushing is the equivalent of twenty-five minutes ot jogging, not of course as far as the heart is concerned, but as far as the lymphatic system goes. It is not a lazy-girl substitute for exercise and must be done as well as, not instead of. You may notice when you begin your skin brushing that lots of Vaseline like jelly appears in your faces initially. you are skin brushing in order to ginger up the lymphatic system, move always towards the lymph nodes in long, strong, sweeping strokes. So the legs will be brushed upwards towards the groin, paying special attention to the top of the feet and back of the knees; arms will be brushed upwards to the armpits, sweeping down to the heart over the top of the breasts; the neck will be brushed from behind the ears, crossing over the top of each breast to the main lymph ducts in the armpits in one long stroke.

cleansing vital organs


FACIAL MASSAGE As it is inadvisable to brush the face to stimulate the lymphatic

system, i’d suggest you do this with your fingers, which is just as effective. Start with your forehead; with the whole length of the fingers resting on the skin pull outwards from the center, using both hands in one long stroke down to the cheek-bones. If the skin turns slightly red so much the better. Then pinch the eye- brows firmly between thumb and forefinger, beginning half an inch from the beginning of the eyebrow and going out to the top of the cheek-bone to meet the hairline. Then, using your thumbs only, begin right in the inner corner of the eye by the nose. Go outwards to the cheek-bone, pressing into the skin hard, lifting, then pressing again. Work outwards to the top of the ear. Repeat, following the same line but slightly lower down the face, and follow the same pattern until you reach the area over the mouth. At this point use the index finger and thumb. Press and lift towards the ears with the index finger over the top of the lips and the thumb beneath the bottom lip. Now repeat it but lower down, just above and below the chin along the jaw line, working out to the bottom of the ear. Repeat each pattern across the face at least five times and follow the facial lymph massage with the neck-to armpit cross-brushing.


Allow yourself several months to break down impacted lymph mucus. Herbs which are particularly effective are those high in iron with good traces of copper. Echinacea, nettle, golden-seal, poke root, cleavers, marigold, red clover, plantain, myrrh and bayberry bark are all suitable, and as a tremendous amount of rubbish gets thrown out into the bloodstream during a lymph cleanse, it is as well that many of these also act as fine blood

cleansers. Echinacea actively helps the production of white blood cells and is the supreme lymph cleanser.

Deep lymph formula

parts echinacea 2 parts mimosa gum

part red clover

part nettles

part poke root 1 part blue flag

part plantain I part cayenne

Take three size O’capsules of the finely powdered herbs three times daily before meals.


Don’t clog your lymph system with red meat, dairy products, sugar, anything artificial, alcohol or fried food. A diet which is superabundant in fresh fruits, dark-green leafy vegetables, sprouted seeds, nuts and a few grains and pulses is ideal.

The Lungs

Count the number of times you breathe in and out for the next minute. If you are sitting quietly it should be somewhere between ten and fifteen times. If you got up and ran around the block you’d double or treble that rate. Your lungs are constantly on the move, flushing out carbon dioxide and carbonic acid wastes, which coalesce in the tissues throughout the body after the nervous system has jettisoned them. Efficient lungs will greatly case the load of the other eliminative channels and encourage waste elimination. Conversely, sloppy breathing will result in low vitality, and acceleration of metabolic disorders and degeneration of the tissues all over the body. Most pathological changes in these tissues can be prevented if they are constantly surrounded by oxygen. We are, in the deepest and truest sense, what we breathe, and proper breathing is the best preventative medicine of all.

The problem is that most of us forget how to breathe once we get out of nappies. Watch a toddler breathing and you will see her belly rising and falling. None of that stomach in, chest our shoulders back business for her! Learn to breathe deep not hiph. Women are particularly prone to moving their shoulders up and down rather than drawing breath into the lungs so deeply that the chest ribs are lifted up and out and the stomach muscles well outwards.


Start by improving your posture. Stand and sit tall and when you

lie down ensure you are well stretched out. Keep your head well

up and don’t tuck your chin in or let it stick out. You can check

your posture by standing barefoot against a wall without a skirting board. Now try and flatten the whole length of your spine against the wall, keeping the back of your head against it too. Stretch up and breathe out deeply. Take a step away from the wall holding this position – this is how you should stand and walk. If you suffer from breathing problems, brisk, sustained walking punctuated with plenty of short rests is the best type of exercise. You can consciously work to improve your lung capacity: breathe in while you walk four paces, hold your breath for a further four steps (if it feels uncomfortable let it go don’t explode!), then breathe out slowly with control for six paces. As ou improve, gradually increase the count. Swimming gently and consistently is also good but do remember to shower carefully afterwards as chlorine is intensely poisonous.


I know don’t have to remake the wheel and tell you what smoking does to you, but perhaps I should observe that the message doesn’t seem to be getting through to women. While the proportion of men smoking fell by 27 per cent between 1977 and 1982, the proportion of women smoking over the same period fell by only 20 per cent and those who persisted consumed an average of 13 per cent more cigarettes. The mortality rate for lung cancer in women is escalating and by the end of this century is expected to overtake breast cancer as the major cause of cancer deaths in

women, If you feel you’d rather die than give up smoking there is a

middle way to wean you off it. Try herbal smoking mixtures. Honey rose make one (available in health food shops). I am not implying that it tastes like the real thing but it is a halfway crutch. It is based on colts foot and one of the first beneficial side-effects you’ll experience from smoking this herb is the coughing up of quantities of heavy mucus and congealed waste because it is a tonic expectorant.

Even if you don’t smoke, check the quality of the air you breathe, and if it is full of other people’s smoke, object! I do, very strongly. I had a house-warming party where the only two guests who smoked had to stand outside on the lawn having a surreptitious drag. It is now common knowledge that passive smoking, whether it be in childhood or adulthood, greatly increases the risk of lung cancer as well as ischemic heart disease, nasal sinus cancer and brain tumor. Cases have been recorded in Poland) of nicotine intoxication among newborn babies breast-fed by mothers smoking cigarettes. Everyone agrees on the correlation between lower birth weight and the number of cigarettes smoked daily by the mother to be, but not many people realize that if she works an eight-hour day with someone who smokes thirty a day she herself will have passively inhaled the equivalent of five cigarettes, which is certainly enough to affect the fetus.


If you can avoid areas with a high pollen count and polluted air for example the hearts of cities, where the poisons are often dangerously high. Use an ionizer to control the balance of ions (tiny electrical particles) in the air around you. An ionizer is particularly useful in the bedroom, where you usually spend at least sight out of every twenty-four hours. You can leave windows open or closed while they are in use. Either way, they will cope. In America positive ionizers are available but in this country only negative ones are on sale. However these are almost as good although they do tend to attract stubborn dirt and plaster it to the surfaces which surround the ionizer.


Don’t block up your lungs with catarrh-forming foods. These include dairy products; eggs; meat; sugar; tea and coffee;

chocolate; anything refined; the gluten in wheat, oats, rye and barley; and potatoes, swedes, turnips and parsnips and any other starchy root vegetables. Include plenty of sprouted greenback in your diet as well as nettles, kelp, onions and garlic, the last word if at all possible as neither is as effective if cooked. Alternatively use oil or syrup of garlic

Oil  of  garlic

Press 8 oz (225 g) of peeled, minced garlic into a wide-mouthed jar and barely cover it with olive oil. Close the jar tightly and leave it to stand in a warm place for three days. Shake it several times daily. After three days, press and strain it through a piece of muslin or fine cotton and store the resulting oil of garlic in a cool place in well-stoppered bottles. Take 1 teaspoon of the oil hourly for colds, ‘flu, and chest infections,

Syrup  of  garlic

Put i lb (450 g) of peeled, minced garlic in a wide-mouthed 4 pint (2.25 litre) jar and almost fill it with equal quantities of apple cider vinegar and plain spring water. Cover and let it stand in a warm place for four days, shaking a few times a day. Add 1 cup of glycerin and stir well. Let it stand another day. Strain and squeezing hard, filter the mixture through a muslin cloth. Add a cupful of thin honey and stir well until thoroughly mixed. Bottle and store in a cool place. Take 1 tablespoon three times daily before meals for coughs,

colds, bronchial congestion and sore throats. Make sure you eat plenty of vitamins A and D to strengthen and desensitize your internal mucous. Massage blocked or in inflamed sinuses with fresh lemon juice externally, rubbing it into the skin. Sinuses can also be helped by chewing freshly grated horseradish root macerated in cider vinegar. Chew a teaspoonful before each meal and when you are grating it breathe in the fumes as deeply as you can. Have a box of tissues on stand-by because the horseradish will flush out blocked sinuses very effectively. A single drop of aniseed oil on the back of the tongue will not only thrill your taste buds, once they have got over the shock, but act as jet propulsion to clean infected sinuses.