Train your core, shape from around your pelvis, and enjoy dancing. Pilates, yoga, hip hop . you can Exercises that match the times will create a body that suits you.

Exercise is trendy. For home use, boot camp, fish exercise, EMS abdominal muscle machine, etc. Most of them are related to diet, and they lose weight and make thinner. Even if the shape changes, if you look closely at the contents, it will not change much. As the fashion changes, the key to determining which exercises are really effective is whether they are exercising with a lot of muscles, whether they are reasonable, whether they overemphasize short-term effects, or whether they can be continued. Will be. Whether or not you can continue is especially important, and more than that, an environment that is easy to continue, such as having friends and people who support you, has a great effect on the effect.The trendy exercises that are developed at Aim are all those that have been carefully considered. It is considered how participants can continue to enjoy themselves and how effective they are.

For programs that participate in a large number of people in the studio or pool, train the core (trunk), shape from around the pelvis, enjoy dancing, prepare with Pilates, relax with yoga, and the worldwide universal program “Les Mills” from New Zealand With “circuit training” that moves powerfully and performs simple muscle training in a short time, exercises that match the times create a well-balanced body that can be used in any age. There are various tastes such as those who like to bully the body violently, those who want to move flexibly, and those who want to relax anyway. It can be said that you can choose the exercise that suits your purpose from a variety of programs. Of course, even if you concentrate on doing it alone, we are proposing programming for that, so you can work with confidence.

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 Do you have time to heal your body? 
Is there a balance between healing the body and mind?

 Isn’t everyone wanting to relax in a busy daily life that flows even if left alone? Each person feels relaxed, but there are many ways to get there in a fitness club
The body repeats tension and relaxation (relaxation), but it becomes difficult to get rid of tension by spending the day feeling stress and continuing to work on the computer. If this happens, even if you want to relax your body, it may not work. You forget how to switch it off yourself.
By clearly moving the body which is different from daily life, the rhythm of tension and relaxation is restored. That’s why it’s better to move lightly when you’re tired. If you want to go home today, just stop by the club for 15 minutes and exercise lightly to relax your body and mind.
Some yoga poses can be a little daunting. It uses a “relaxation response” that makes it easier to relax by straining the body and then releasing it.
Also, the bath is easy to feel relaxed. For those who have become accustomed to going to clubs, it seems that there are quite a few days when they only take a bath. Exercise isn’t the only way to use a club. Taking a bath is similar to doing light exercise, so you will be in a state of light fatigue. Blood circulation improves and there is mild fatigue. This is also guided to relax the body.
Relax by using your body. It is the brain that feels relaxed. Yes, it is proof that the body and mind (brain) are connected. If your head isn’t refreshing, why not refresh your body? A virtuous cycle will be born from there. 

health fitness

 Moving, sweating, and then relaxing


Everyone has anxiety, a feeling of obstruction, and a desire to diverge. Exercise, sweat, and then relax. By incorporating these into your lifestyle, you can feel an uplifting feeling and a sunny mood, and relieve your daily stress.I often feel stressed in my daily life. This is due to interpersonal relationships, mental anxiety, worries, and other “mental” stress, as well as “physical” stress, such as physical inconveniences and pain. There is also. The balance of mind and body may be a factor that makes you resistant to various stresses and allows you to spend your time without losing your balance.
So do you have a way to relieve that stress? Exercise is a great way to relieve mental stress. It may be that you can forget about your daily routine and have time to devote yourself to yourself, and you can get a feeling of spiritual uplifting by feeling “divergence,” “burning,” and “exhilaration.” On the other hand, if you are in an environment where you are always nervous, you can use a program like yoga that allows you to face yourself, stimulate your body moderately by stretching, or relax your body by taking a bath. , Making yourself feel relaxed will help relieve stress.

With regard to physical stress, inconveniences such as “I am not confident in my body” and “I am anxious about physical activity due to inconvenience or pain” can also be stressful. If you can change your body by exercising and improving your lifestyle, you will feel more confident. When the pain is improved by a pinpoint training approach to the painful area, the anxiety about the body is also eliminated. These visible or physical effects on oneself can help to relieve mental anxiety as well as self-confidence.
Incorporating exercise into your daily life balances your mind and body, leading to so-called “stress relief.”

 Good posture balance is an important point for maintaining a healthy body.


It is said that humans do not experience pain when their bodies are well-balanced and in good posture. If you have a good posture, your movements and appearance will look beautiful, and that alone will give you a positive and energetic impression. Also, if you look forward, you will also be positive and you will be full of good things.

However, I have a dominant arm and a dominant leg, and if my life pattern is constant, my body will always be distorted. From this point of view, I think there is no one who has no physical strain. If the distortion becomes severe, it will lead to pain and other disorders. In order to prevent this, it is important to diligently reset your posture and let your body remember the state with less distortion.