happy, healthy sex life

There are a great number of nutritional factors that can affect your, sex drive. Although low libido can be caused by many non-food factors, including tress, depression and ill health, all of which need addressing in their own right, if you are suffering from a low sex drive, it is well worth exploring the nutritional cures. If nothing else it can lie delicious fun!

Mention sex and food to that people and the word aphrodisiac will spring to mind. Nothing has been scientifically proven as to whether certain foods such as oysters, caviar and champagne can increase your libido. It is more often one’s perception that makes a so-called aphrodisiac food a real turn on Swallowing an oyster, peeling prawns, of sucking asparagus spears can elicit many a sexy thought. The aphrodisiac qualities of the food have more to do with mouth feel than with any secret ingredient.

Tips to help your sex life


Low zinc levels have been linked with poet libido in women und law pern counts as well as low sex drives in men Foods rich in zinc include the classic aphrodisiac stood, but also less sexy items such as wholegrain bread and brown rice, green leafy vegetables, Icon red meat and crumbly cheeses such as Cheshire or Lancashire. If you suspect your zine intake is low, boost your intake of these foods


Excess weight hinders more than your physical ability to perform. Men with beer bellies are more likely to be impotent, and women who are overweight are less likely to conceive. However, there is no benefit to be had from being at the other end of the weight spectrum. Underweight women with a Body Mass Index of less than 17 or 18 and low body Est percentages can have a problem anabolizing the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone, which can affect both their libido and their ability to conceive.

There is also a psychological relationship between the way you feel about your body and your ability to have fulfilling sexual relationships. People with low self-esteem may avoid sex cut they may seek excessive sexual encounters because they need to be with someone and feel cared for. The ideal scenario is to accept your body the way it is, preferably keeping it withinor close to the ideal weight range, as this will help your body manufacture and circulate the hormones it needs to feel sexy. 


Some people find that the act of paying attention to their life, eating habits and body’s needs helps boost their self-confidence and that this frequently manifests itself in the bedroom (or wherever else takes your fancy!).


There is a link between cholesterol levels and sex hormones. Cholesterol is the major carrier hormone of testosterone and estrogen. Men who lower their cholesterol levels very quickly or take them below the recommended range can suffer from low levels of circulating testosterone and hence a low libido. This is a common occurrence in men who become obsessive about their eating and try to exclude far from their diet, or among those who suffer from digestive complaints that cause fat malabsorption, such as cystic fibrosis, Crohn’s disease.

ulcerative colitis, or when part of the Gur has been removed in surgery. Men who have medical reasons why they cannot absorb fat efficiently should seek the advice of a dietitian. For those men who have started rigorous non-fat diets – if you lighten up a little you should find that your libido will improve. A similar thing can happen with women – if the cholesterol level falls too low, estrogen levels can drop and your libido can disappear. I However it is not the case that the higher your cholesterol level, the higher the libido! It is a question of balancing cholesterol within a healthy eating plan.  .


Learning to cat just enough and not too much is important. Sex on a full stomach is not much fun. After a heavy meal, the body produces sleep-inducing hormones that antagonize the sex hormones – making sex rather like swimming against the tide. You can also get indigestion if you have eaten too much.


Temporary impotence after a night’s heavy drinking can be the result of stupor, b it is more likely that the alcohol has had an anaesthetizing effect on the per pearl cutaneous nerves leading to the penis and the nerve supply to its blood vessels. The traditional view that excess alcohol only adversely affects men is untrue -a woman who has drunk to excess may reduce not only her ability to orgasm, lur also to be enthusiastic and energetic in bed. 

The long-term effects of drinking are even more significant. Long-term heavy drinking can cause testicular atrophy, shrinkage of the penis, loss of body Jair and enlargement of the breasts in meu. This is due to hormonal changes the liver fails to metabolize Che estrogens that naturally flow throughout menas well as women, and testosterone is metabolized differently. Testosterone levels decrease and estrogen levels increase. The body shape can change to: out pops the beer belly. Some studies have linked a pot belly and impotence.

Of course, there are also some positive aspects: drinking champagne in bed or a gorgeous wine with your meal can bring out the sexiness in both of you – it’s just a question of not drinking too much. Drinking plenty of water as well as the alcohol can reduce the potential negative effects and help your body stay hydrated and sober Remember that drinking on an empty stomach can cause your appetite to increase, which may mean that you overindulge and then feel stuffed, not sexy.

It can also send your energy levels crashing and can make you sleepy. The presence of food keeps the alcohol in the stomach and slows absorption. Enjoy wine with your meal or prepare some simple hors d’oeuvres to nibble with the aperitif. Why not have sticks of crisp raw vegetables and dips, sliced tomatoes with tom basil on thin slices of bread, or small pieces of charcuterie or smoked fish on wholewheat crackers! 


To achieve a healthy, sexy body, eat a varied, well-balanced diet People normally run into problems when they are cutting corners with their diet, eating lots of fast food, sweet Snacks or heavy restaurant meals, going for long periods of time without citing and then eating too much, or drinking excessive amounts of coffee or tea. This is when the body feels sluggish and far from sexy. A well-nourished body devoid of artificial stimulants can find great pleasure in physical stimulants.


Whichever foods you decide to eat to help your sex drive, it is important not to become obsessed with ways of increasing your sexuality. Stress itself can reduce your enjoyment of sex. Sexual arousal can diminish if you are worried about work, money, relationships and equally the food you eat or don’t eat. Relax and choose foods you will find easy to prepare and fun to eat. Simple pasta dishes. or a platter of fresh seafood with some fresh bread and salad don’t take much preparation.

For a special meal, think about foods that you can prepare beforehand, or that can be left to simmer. If you have a strong flavor such as garlic in the meal, make sure that both of you eat it, and remember that curries and spicy foods can irritate the gut, causing flatulence: not the sexiest thing! Think about the food’s presentation and sex appeal, as well as your own. Choose foods that look appetizing, with a variety of colors, shapes, textures and temperatures as this helps stimulate all the senses.