I label this affectionately my TNT formula and use it only when patients really are chronically constipated to get them off to a flying start with their bowel cleanse. It should not be used for longer than two months.

Equal parts of:

Cape aloes

senna pods cascara sagrada


ginger garlic


wild yam root


Combine all the herbs, which should be finely powdered, and fill size O’ gelatin capsules with them. Take them in the same way as  begin very cautiously, even in cases of chronic constipation, as it is a much more powerful formula.

In the last few months of any bowel cleanse, taper the dose down gently and begin to rebuild the blood. There is little point in doing this sooner because the bloodstream would be too toxic to take full advantage of the herbs you would be feeding it.

herbs which increase the range and power of circulation, particu larly to those parts of the body which have been deficient (usually the extremities in the capillary circulation). It will remove cholesterol, kill infection and elasticize the veins while strength ening the artery walls. In this way any herbal nutrients taken

will travel efficiently through the blood and lymph fluids and be

properly utilized

Equal parts of: red clover blossoms


liquorice root

poke root peach bark

oregon grape root


prickly ash bark burdock root

buckthorn bark

All the herbs should be finely powdered and put into size ‘O’ gelatin capsules. Take three capsules with each meal. If you get diarrhoea it means the colon is still in the process of eliminating all that encrusted mucus, so stop the rebuilding formula, continue with the bowel cleanse and then try again in a few weeks’ time. Also drink three glasses daily of the following raw juice formulation.

Raw juice for blood purification

4 parts apple juice

1 part beetroot juice

I part carrot juice

I part potato juice I part cucumber juice

part nettle juice 1 part celery juice

I part watercress juice 1 part spinach juice

If blood circulation is a problem also take a part of horseradish juice added to this formulation together with another part of spinach juice, and a clove of garlic added to each glass. Remember that dry skin brushing will help your blood circulation, as will plenty of exercise. While on the blood purification programme, combine it with a 2-4 month implantation of Probion or Superdophilus.


Do this throughout your bowel-cleansing programme every

morning on waking. In many people poor diet has caused their peristaltic muscles to stop working altogether and this simple massage is designed to te-educate lazy muscles.

Lie on your back with your knees slightly bent, supporting them with a cushion underneath them. Place a cushion or a pillow behind your head and neck. Now envisage your colon in your mind’s eye. It comes up the right-hand side of the abdomen, crosses from right to left at the level of your elbow when you hold your arms to your sides, and goes down the left-hand side of the abdomen. It is important to place it correctly in your mind’s eye so that you don’t massage it the wrong way round. Begin deep down on the left-hand side of the abdomen, with downward pressure using the heel of your hand, gradually work

ing up the lower colon, with pressure being exerted downwards

all the times. Now turn the corner and work along the transverse

colon from left to right pressing constantly to the left as you work

your way along to the right corner. Turn the corner again and

start on the ascending colon pressing upwards as you gradually work down the ascending colon. Now go back to the left-hand side of the abdomen, this time using a different type of massage movement. Press your fingertips well into the abdomen, making small circles in a clockwise direction, and as you reach the lowest point of each circle increase the pressure so that it becomes almost a digging motion. Gradu ally work up the left-hand side of the abdomen, keeping up this movement until you reach the ribs. Repeat on the transverse colon passing from left to right in a line from elbow to elbow. Begin on the left with small clockwise circles and ensure that the pressure at the end of each circle is a leftwards dog. Keep this up as you work your way backwards to the right. Now go to work on the ascending colon with small circles where the main pressure is always upward while you gradually move down the right side of the abdomen pressing as deeply as possible. Now revert back to the descending colon on your left-hand side and do three deep pull strokes downwards using the heel of your hand along the route you have just come. Repeat along the transverse colon moving, right to left using the same pull strokes. Finish on the

ascending colon on the right-hand side, moving from the bottom to the top in the same manner. Then move your fingers to your navel and make small

clockwise circles with your fingertips using plenty of pressure. Gradually move the circular movements outwards into a spiral following a clockwise direction. When the spiral reaches out to touch the lower colon press even harder with your fingertips. Finish, spread out your palm flat just beneath your navel and give the abdomen a good hard shaking almost as if you were a terrier picking up a rat. Relax after this and rest for a few minutes as it is quite strenuous. Get up slowly. If anything hurts whilst doing this exercise ease up on the pressure a little-but don’t give up on the exercise. Don’t be put off by the lengthy instructions. It may sound complicated but if you follow the instructions step by step you will soon get the hang of it, and the results are well worth the few minutes of effort you devote to it each day. Alternatively, there are three or four yogic positions which

can be used to strengthen the walls of the colon and increase peristalsis. Ask a qualified yoga teacher about these.