Tackling headaches and migraine

Thousands of children and teenagers suffer from headaches to the extent that their education is disrupted Stress headaches are affecting increasing termers of men and women. Migraine differs from other headaches in a number of ways, but there are several nutritional principles which can help both. By looking at the fool you eat and the way you live your life, you can help your body eradicate headaches and Timeliness or at least become far less reliant on medication

in elder to understand how food help you first need to understand a little of the plays Meier. The train itself doesn’t have any pain receptors, but the blood vessels and membranes rowing the brain do feel pain. Either of these can produce a headache. The majority of h aches result from changes in the blood vessels, which may be due to hormones or other chemical substances produced in the body or introduced in our food and drink. Tension, stress anxiety, overwork, irregular citing habits, caffeine and alcohol can all contribute to a headache.

If you are experiencing regular headaches and feel generally unwell, don’t just pop a pain killer, consult your doctor, as there are rare occasions when the headache signifies something more serious stich as meningitis or a brain tumor Children and babies with headaches, particularly if they are off their food or drowsy, or if they also have a stiff neck should be Investigated by their doctor straight away to ensure that they are not suffering from me Meningitis is an inflammation of the meninges, the membranes that cover the brain c00 spinal cond. Bacterial meningitis can be fatal,

or can result in brain damage, blew deafness, but if diagnosed and treated early the outlook is good. Viral meningism may anis infecting which has hit another area of the body, such as mumps Lack e ren Wally ever completely, don’t panic if an older chill or a friend has the see meningitis – stiff neck and a headache – especially if they are well in all other meningitis is, thankfully, quite rare.


The point at which a headache become a migraine is a controversial point. Migraines can cane pain in the head and neck, nemesia, vomiting, loss of balance and disturbed vision the severity varies from a thumping headache Y complete incapacity. Other migraine sufferers

have disturbed vision black spots, flashing lights lines without particular pain. Young children hard school changes behavior and ability should investigate your doctor. Some people, particularly young migraine sufferers, vomit profusely without appearing suffer pain the head. usually they older that head pain becomes the prominent symptom. Migraines more commonly suffered than men, but more than half female sufferers cease troubled migraines after them

What causes migraine

neurologist will tell you that the causes migraine extremely complex, simple terms, there are two phases. First, blood vessels become secondly, they react this narrowing overly expanding (dilating).

sensitive blood vessels the head period fifteen minutes hour and then rapidly expand, causes pain. The narrowing blood vessels that starts the cycle triggered the release serotonin, substance produced the blood Serotonin can released eating certain foods and drinks, by stress or even oversleeping. your kidneys process serotonin and the level drops, the blood vessels dilate rapidly pressing on surrounding nerves causing inflammation and pulsating pain, usually one side the head. They can last for days the swelling takes time down even when the blood vessels have returned The foods that lead the release serotonin include sugary and carbo hydrate-rich foods such white bread also foods that contain substances known vasoactive amines, which shall come Such foods chocolate, hard cheeses and red wine.


Headaches and migraines can also occur when your blood sugar level swings from very low to very high and vice versa. Your body reacts badly lower and higher levels than used to, more importantly, dramatic changes level. When trying to stabilize blood sugar levels, the worst thing you can take sweet food when you feel This causes the blood sugar level rise quickly, the body reacts by producing more insulin, hormone that breaks down sugar and thus causes the blood sugar level fall too low. The solution when you feel weak and low sugar something that both sweet and high in fiber,

for example banana or wholegrain biscuit such piece of the fiber slows the release of sugar into the blood. your level goes very high quickly, there isn’t specific food that can lower the level slowly, soon afterwards you should try to eat high fiber meal or snack wholegrain cereal products such as oatcakes, brown rice whole meal bread), drink plenty of water and try relax. This should help your blood sugar level to drop gradually.Taking good look your food and lifestyle may shed light number of ways which you help your and deal with headaches and migraines. 


The most important aspect any form self help keep detailed notes what you’re eating, drinking and doing, and the resulting effect your body You may have come some conclusions already, but when things are written down pattern may fall into place that wasn’t obvious before. The cause and effect don’t necessarily occur within short period time. Triggers such cheese cause migraine within twenty minutes, whereas other triggers such extreme exercise stressful meeting may not migraine hours. The question food intolerance and migraine slightly controversial. find that following sensible principles of living and eating well cures the majority patients. However, there are instances where elimination diets help reduce migraines. this case food diaries are paramount importance, can smallest quantity food, such milk sauce, that triggers migraine.


Little the best eating plan. This might mean changing your habits lifetime, but could also mean freedom from headaches. breakfast you dash out the morning and then expecting your body last until late lunch, going from lunchtime nine o’clock the evening before you again, recipes for disaster. Some people say they can’t face early the morning, but eating something small such some fruit and yoghurt can enough stave the headache Eating regularly mean you have overeaten, but keeping your stomach happy with satisfying snacks can reduce the likelihood headaches


High fiber foods the effects sugar your food and help the body control blood sugar levels.


The key getting rid migraine quickly stop the pain soon possible. Once the migraine headache takes strong hold usually becomes difficult treat. Don’t just ignore and hope goes not saying that you always need take medication, although you time the Sometimes, eating high fiber snack and preferably room without artificial lights, just taking few minutes breathe properly and concentrate relaxing your muscles, the headache may disappear. Some people find that warm hot water bottle aroundthe neck can help reduce the constriction within the blood vessels, Others find an ice pack (or a bag of frozen peas) more effective.


it is a good idea to have some simple nutritious snack foods close at hand-coma them in your bag or briefcase and keep some at the office – for when you recognize the early signs of a headache or migraine. Good snack foods include fresh and dried fruits, whole meal biscuits and whole meal cakes. Encourage children who suffer from migraines to carry a little survival pack’ around with them. Teach them that it is important to eat something healthy when they feel the first signs of a headache or migraine-related tummy ache coming on


Try to keep your weight within the correct range for your height Carrying too much fat, especially around the middle, presses against the chief blood vessels leading to and from the heart, which causes blood pressure to rise and increases the risk of developing a migraine or headache. Don’t crash diet as this can really cause your head to complain. The chapter on Achieving your ideal weight has advice on controlled weight loss.


Stress aggravates and indeed causes both headaches and migraines. Some re- searchers believe this is due to the effects of stress hormones such as adrenaline in the blood. Try to build some stress-relieving techniques into your regular routine this could mean listening to music or a soothing relaxation tape, reading a good book, having a massage or going for a brisk walk in the open air.

Dentists have found a fascinating link between stress and migraine headaches Spume people often grind their teeth as they sleep, as a result of stress or tension in doing this they damage the surfaces of their teeth. The treatment is to wear a dental plate at night. The majority of patients reported that wearing the plate either eliminated migraines altogether or drastically lessened their frequency If you know you grind your teeth at night this is an area worth investigating.


Disturbed sleep patterns, lack of sleep and, perhaps surprisingly, excess sleep can all cause headaches and migraines. Regular sound sleep is far more beneficial than disturbed or irregular rest.


Some people find that constipation over a number of days can cause toxins to build up in the body, which can cause headaches. If you have a tendency to be constipated,

Food and migraine headaches

Having established the principle that little and often is the best way to cat, it is worth looking at the types of tools you eat.

Many people who suffer from severe headaches and migraine know that the classic trigger foods are caffeine (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cola), red wine, cheese, chocolate and citrus fruits, particularly ranges. Avoiding these foods completely isn’t easy and for me people is unnecessary, as everyone reacts differently to different foods I have been able to help many patients to manage some of these foods, either by experimenting with different types of red wine or cheese, or by being careful with the timing, quantity and the combinations of foods.

Fiber and water will usually cushion the effect of the trigger food. For instance, eating cheese with whole meal bread and fruit usually causes fewer problems than eating a plate of cheese on an empty stomach and with little else apart from a glass of red wine. Some people can take a couple of glasses of red wines which are low in flavonoids but not a rich claret. Children and chocoholics can enjoy a small amount of good quality chocolate after a meal that contains a lot of fiber, but not a chocolate bar as a mid-afternoon snack. Certain other foods have proved to trigger headaches or migraine in some people, so it is sensible to watch out for them, and make a special note if you are keeping a food diary.

They include processed meats such as cured hams, sausages and hot dogs, lentils, chicken livers, citrus fruits, mange tout (it is the pods that can cause problems, so regular peas should be fine), and the flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate MSG is often found in bottled sauces, ready-made meals, crisps and in Chinese restaurant food. Sticking to fresh and unprocessed foods will mean that you avoid MSG. The best Chinese chefs do not use MSG, but to be on the safe side, get into the habit of asking restaurants to leave MSG out of your food when you order it


These substances are found in chocolate and mature red wine, hail cheeses and sour cream, and in a range of other foods, hams such as Parma ham, dry cured sausages such as salami and chorizo, preserved fish such as rollmop herrings and smoked salmon. Rather than feeling deprived, I suggest looking for alternatives to smoked and preserved foods fresh cream rather than south: soft goats’ cheese or ripe Brie instead of mature Cheddar cold cuts of meat such as boiled or baked lamer turkey, fresh poached salmon rather than smoked.


Research shows that the metabolism of people who suffer from migraines is slightly different from those who don’t suffer, and it seems that foods that are high in copper can cause problems. These include shellfish, fish paste andterminalia, liver, nuts, chocolate, (found in whole meal bread and some breakfast cereals) and dried fruits. My advice is to limit your consumption of these foods rather than avoiding them Some foods, particularly citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, lemons and limes, cause the body to absorb more copper. They can therefore aggravate tendency to have a migraine. Try to avoid having a lot of them, especially on an empty a glass of fresh orange juice in the morning is a best Choose other fruits such as papaya, mango, banana, kiwi


Tyramine is a substance that releases a hormone called noradrenaline, which a rise in blood pressure and can lead to Tyramine is found in game, meat extracts, and in wine and low alcohol beers and lagers, which is why some people find a glass of red wine with a chunk of cheese causes the horrendous


Besides monosodium glutamate, mentioned above, other additives can trigger the worst culprits seem to be nitrites, traditional preservatives in meat products. Nitrites are found in most fresh and preserved meat products, including sausages, salami, chorizo, hot dogs, pastrami, mortadella and Most of these are also very high in fat, so they should not be a regular feature of any healthy plan. In terms of avoiding headaches, stick to unadulterated meats.

Include as many organic foods as in your diet. the fewer additives, preservatives and pesticides your body has to deal with, the less likely you are to suffer either headaches or migraines. an artificial can trigger headaches and migraines in some people. It is found in diet drinks and sweets as it provides a sweet taste with very few calories. Avoiding these items can only be good for your body, as they are frequently high in additives.

Caffeine is one of the commonest trigger substances for people with sensitive heads.

Coffee is the obvious culprit here, though caffeine is also present in Caffeine intake in general should be no more than three cups a day and this should be significantly reduced if coffee affects you adversely. Interestingly, there is caffeine in espresso hence real than in filter as the water is forced more quickly though the grains. If you find that does seem to trigger your migraines, save your coffee drinking for special and make treat of it.

Note that if you decide to cut caffeine out of your diet entirely, you may initially suffer from a withdrawal headache. This may develop after about eighteen hours without your usual caffeine fix. Stick with the abstentiondrinking plenty of plain water will help) and the headaches should disappear after twenty-six to thirty-six hours. You might prefer to lower your caffeine dependence, cup by cup, over a few days I promise you your body will thank you for it, and think of all the other delicious drinks you can enjoy herbal teas such as jasmine and peppermint, ginger and orange blossom teas, fresh fruit punches and shakes


Ask the majority of headache and migraine sufferers which drinks they can and cannot tolerate and the majority will either say red wine or acidic white wines, including champagne. Sadly, some cannot tolerate any alcohol as they find that ins dehydrating action is what causes the headache, There is a huge range of individual components (and additives) in beers and wines some people’s bodies react violently to one or more of these,

Tyramine is one such substance. Recent research suggests that some flavonoids can also cause migraine and headaches, Red wine has more flavonoids than white and it is worth experimenting with white wines if you find red wine a problem. Many white wines, such as big’ Chardonnays and New World mature Semillons, can hold their own when paired with traditional red wine foods. Some red wines these days are made using a substance called PVPP.

This reduces the tannin levels to produce a drinkable wine at a greatly accelerated Date. It also reduces the quantity of flavonoids, which means that headache sufferers may be less affected by wines made using this process. Some scientists have put forward the theory that certain wines containing large amounts of free histamines can cause an allergic reaction which culminates in a headache or migraine. Italian wines have been highlighted as being rich in free histamines, although the Italian wine industry denies this. As you will now appreciate,

it is not just the red or white issue that affects your body. If you really want to enjoy wine or other alcoholic drinks, I suggest thar you explore a range of grape varieties and countries of origin and keep a food, drink and symptom diary recording as much detail about the wine as possible. Drink plenty of water to reduce the dehydrating effects of the alcohol Avoid drinking on an empty stomach, as this can cause a drop in blood sugar and hence a headache.


Lactose (the type of sugar found in milk) is one of the less common trigger ingredients, but it can cause severe headaches in some people. In many cases, all that needs to be done is to avoid having too many foods that are particularly high in lactose: milk, cream, butter, yoghurt, cheese, ice cream. If you suspect that these foods make your headaches worse to find out how you can reduce your lactose intake without compromising your calcium status.