BACTERIA So far the tale of intestinal war sounds thoroughly depressing But it is possible to balance your intestinal ecology by casting lots of live yoghurt daily, by which I mean 120% (350g). Anything added to the yoghurt except a ripe banana will destroy much of the benign bacteria in it, so it must be eaten plain. Bananas, provided they are well ripened (and the way to tell is to choose those with brown freckles on their skins), are the only fruit known to actively encourage the growth of beneficial flora in the colon.

The problem with both bananas and yoghurt for some people is that they create a lot of mucus and 12 oz (350g) yoghurt is quite a lot to get through in one sitting. The alternative is to take acidophilus in the form of one of two products called respectively Superdophilus and Probion. There are many other forms of acidophilus on the market but I have found these two infinitely superior in my own clinical practice.

Either one of these, if taken in the correct dose, will exert an anti-fungal effect on the intestines. This is particularly important when you consider how Candida albicans produces mycelia, a network of roots which penetrate the mucosa, breaking down its function as an effective barrier. With food allergy, eczema, cirrhosis and acne there is a clear defect in the intestinal mucosa. Superdophilus and Probion also have a strong imunogenic effect, increasing the number of leucocytes and the activity of both thymus and spleen. They help correct both constipation and diarrhoea, and soothe irritable bowel syndrome. They regulate the degradation products of nitrogen metabolism such as high uric acid levels which cause gout; they lower cholesterol levels; improve the absorption of protein; and help with migraines and headaches which are diet-related. I particularly like to use them to reestablish healthy intestinal flora after colonics, enemas or herbal bowel cleansing programme.

Once the Bifido bacteria are balanced, vitamins can be more effectively synthesized. The intestinal flora produce a number of B vitamins including Bt. B, B, B, B, Bz, folic acid and biotin, and vitamin K. The indirect benefit of this vitamin production is that the bacteria themselves, requiring vitamins for their own growth, can draw on this source of vitamins rather than compete for those ingested orally. Probion and Superdophilus increase the

general resistance to infections and Lactobacillus bulgaricus has a direct antitumor effect as well as being anti-carcinogenic if taken regularly.

Most interesting of all, the metabolic activity of the faccal microflora has been shown to have a greater effect on the regulation of bowel function than the addition of dietary fibre. It is not uncommon for me to encounter patients who have been stuffing themselves to the gunnels with bran (and usually wheat bran, which I don’t approve of for reasons stated on page 8) and to be achieving nothing other than an irritable bowel and lots of flatulence. Both Probion and Superdophilus improve transit

time through the gastrointestinal tract, which prevents auto intoxication (self-poisoning”). Elie Metchnikoff, the first person to appreciate the medical benefits of fermented milk, observed, ‘Not only is the auto intoxication from the microbial poisons absorbed in cases of constipation, but microbes themselves pass through the wall of the intestine and enter the blood.’

Constipation is the hub of the mechanism in the disease process. The heart of the problem lies in the passage of toxins and micro-organisms through the intestinal wall into the body in general, causing an endless array of disturbances. When the body absorbs poisons from the waste decaying in the colon the end result is self-poisoning. Meat, fish and eggs provide the most harmful metabolites, which on entering the bloodstream create a toxic load for the cells throughout the body, in particular the liver. This self-poisoning or auto-intoxication causes fatigue, poor concentration, irritability, insomnia, headaches and

muscular aches, and leads to degenerative diseases. But the implantation of benign bacteria into the colon is really the second step in a thorough colon cleanse. It is very rarely that I begin any herbal treatment without an initial colon cleanse, and this applies even to those who have six evacuations a day, because most people who have sedentary or stressful occupations, or poor posture, or who eat the average western diet, are urgently in need of it.


Most laxatives are poisonous and merely serve to irritate the bowel, doing nothing to remove the encrusted mucus. If laxatives

are used regularly, the colon becomes addicted to them and in time grows weaker from overstimulation and irritation, so that the dose of laxatives has to be increased.


It must be remembered that the cause of diarrhoea is a substance which irritates the colon so badly that peristalsis goes into overdrive in an attempt to expel it. In some cases the build-up of old faces trapped in the colon becomes so large that these themselves induce a state of continuous rapid peristalsis, which results in chronic diarrhoea. In other words severe constipation can show itself as diarrhoea.


1. The faces should be buoyant when passed. If they sink they are heavy with mucus.

2. They should emerge easily, all of one piece and almost immediately you sit down on the toilet. As they float they should begin to break up. If it takes you more than five minutes to complete a bowel movement you are constipated.

3. Faces should be lights brown in color. If their color resembles that of the food you have been eating (for example greenish-brown after lots of green vegetables), you haven’t digested the food properly. If they look yellow or chalky you have a problem with bile secretion or the production of digestive  enzymes.

4. They should not smell foul, though they will have a slight odor. If you go on a fruit fast for a week and the resulting faeces smell only of the fruit you have eaten, you can be confident that you have a clean colon.

5. They should be four-fifths as bulky as the food you have ingested and they should not be compacted.

6. They should emerge unaccompanied by foaming, gurgling, flatulence and general orchestration.

Many of my patients are hopelessly embarrassed about actu ally inspecting their bowel movements but this is vital if you are to ascertain the health of your colon.

herbal combination to aid in proper  bowel function

This is a unique and unbeatable formula for treating all bowel problems and is also helpful as part of the treatment for haemor rhoids, It is the aim of this formulation to restore normal bowel function, not to create a dependence, like most laxatives do. The combination of herbs cleanses the liver and gall bladder, starts the bile flowing, and stimulates peristalsis so that layers of encrusted ancient mucus can gradually slough off as the bowel is rebuilt, resulting in the perfect assimilation of food. It clears out bowel pockets and diverticula, healing an inflamed areas and relaxing any areas of tension.

I part barberry bark 2 parts cascara sagrada

1 part cayenne

1 part golden-seal I part lobelia

1 part red raspberry leaves

1 part Turkey rhubarb root part fennel

Combine all the herbs, which should be finely powdered, and fill size ‘O’ gelatin capsules with them. cannot emphasize enough that this formula produces a very 1

individual result and therefore the dosage must be monitored and adjusted according to individual response. As there are no two people alike in age, size or physical constitution (and people’s bowels are as different as their fingerprints), you will have to regulate the dose of this formula according to your own needs. I would suggest that you begin by taking two capsules three times a day, with meals, or if you don’t eat three times a day take two capsules with every meal that you do eat in order to achieve a bowel movement for every meal ingested. If you get diarrhoea cut down. If you cannot get a bowel movement then raise the dosage until you can. Some of my patients have had to take as many as fifteen capsules with each meal for the first few months of this formulation. No matter. This is exactly how it should be and simply means that the patient is chronically constipated and

it istaking some time before the body releases its accumulated faecal matter. Such a person can aid the initial release by using castor-oil fomentation packs 

Note what I have just said about diarrhoea and bear in mind that this formulation is just as valuable for those with diarrhoea it is for those with chronic constipation, as well being appropriate for almost everyone in need of a bowel cleanse at the beginning of their initial herbal programme. People with chronic diarrhoea may further assist themselves by drinking three cups a day of equal parts of marshmallow tea and mullein

tea. The bits of encrusted mucus that emerge may look very odd. You may see nuts and seeds, which may have been lodged in the colon for months or even years; traces of barium meal (if you have ever had one); bits of what looks like rubber tyre, tree bark or coloured Vaseline jelly. Alternatively bowel movements may emerge smelling particularly foul or may emerge accompanied by a great deal of rumbling or flatulence. Don’t be alarmed by any of this. Do not taper off the formulation so much that you lose momentum and so the continuity of this elimination. I usually find a thorough bowel cleanse takes about six months but in some cases it needs to be extended to nine months or even a year. I monitor the cleanse by photographing the iris from time to time, which is particularly exciting for many patients as they can actually see the colour of the bowel, as manifested in the iris, changing.

Combine this gastrointestinal cleansing with a diet which is totally free of mucus-forming foods especially dairy products, eggs, meat and all refined processed foods. You are wasting your efforts if you pull the mucus out from one end while you continue to put it in at the other.

To determine whether the process is at an end and your colon is perfectly clean, go on a carrot-juice and purified-water fast for a day. The resultant faeces should emerge looking bright orange brown. If they are a mixture of brown and orange brown this means there is still some old encrusted matter emerging and the process needs to be continued. If they are completely brown it means you have got a very long way to go. Fasting for one regular day a week together with taking enemas greatly helps the bower- deansing process.NB Omit the golden-seal from this formulation after two months and replace it with equal parts of wild thyme and garlic. Golden-scar destroys the B vitamins if taken long term. This formulation should not in any case be taken for longer than one year.