Shaping Up Internally and Externally

Limp, lazy parents tend to produce children in much the same mold, so work on your physical fitness with an exercise pro gramme that has been individually designed for you. It should involve forms of exercise that you enjoy, otherwise you won’t stick to it. Women should concentrate on exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. Ensure that you are eliminating and assimilating effectively   If you are very overweight or underweight (10 16/4-5 kg either way doesn’t matter much) try to correct the problem before conception by first finding out the reasons for it-whether they be glandular, psychological, emotional, metabolic or the result of hyperactivity.


Nearly 30 per cent of women in their twenties are underweight, and 35 per cent are underweight in their thirties. They may not have diagnosable anorexia nervosa but they are still in a state of less than optimum health. If the insurance charts say that you are underweight, but you look great, feel terrific and have plenty of energy, you have got absolutely nothing to worry about.

But if you get tired quickly, feel nervy and become ill easily, it’s time you put on some weight. Develop a diet rich in whole grains and pulses, with reasonable amounts of cold-pressed oils and natural sweets like halva and nut and seed cereal bars. Go for quality not quantity-lentil soupwith whole meal bread and butter rather than cream cakes. Refined sweets and carbohydrates rob the appetite, displacing foods that have real value. Half a cup of nuts daily will help you put on nearly a pound (about o.5 kg) a week. Half a large avocado is 185 that’s without a dressing. If you are nervy, learn to calm down, so that you digest your food properly.

Don’t feel that you shouldn’t take exercise-it will help you put on weight in the right places. The following formula will help with digestion and ensure that nutrients are properly distributed through the bloodstream. 4 parts dandelions I part gentian part wild yam I part fennel part blessed thistle part marigold I part ginger Take two size capsules of the finely powdered herbs at the beginning of each meal with sips of unsweetened pineapple juice. Also ensure that your diet is rich in foods containing zinc. These include green leafy vegetables, brewer’s yeast, all the seeds and, especially, liver.


Attributing excess weight to over-eating is no more helpful than ascribing alcoholism to over-drinking. The main cause of over-eating is disordered appestat function (the appestat is the neural center in the hypothalamus that controls appetite). The hypothalamus houses two food-consumption mechanisms, the hunger and the satiety centers. It is possible that impaired appestat function can be induced in the fetus by poor prenatal nutrition but even in this case it doesn’t have to be a lifelong Meals should be small and often to correct this large meal day increases the cholesterol and phospholipid levels).

Appestat function can also be disrupted by negative emotions loathing, anxiety, fear, depression, jealousy so it is extremely self-important correct the underlying cause, approaching the whole problem of weight loss steadily and gently onpsychological level. Overweight people need a healthy e self-worth if they are to put things right on a more straightforward level, excess weight is indisputable the result of expending too little energy in relation to the ammo of food you take in, so the simple answer is less food and me vigorous regular exercise.

An additional benefit of exercise the it can actually cut down the appetite.

 Programmed for weight loss

I. Avoid sugar in all its forms, natural or otherwise, inhaling honey, maple syrup and black strap molasses.

2. Take 2 tablespoons cider vinegar in water before each meal.

3. Eat five or six small meals of unrefined food per day. Small meals minimize the conversion keep hunger at bay. of food into fat and tend to.

4. On no account cut oil out of your diet completely.A small amount of natural oil encourages the combustion of food and gives a satisfied feeling after eating because it slows down the digestion of protein. 

5. Avoid tea, coffee, alcohol and salt.

6. Get out and do something in the evenings which doesn’t involve food. If your life pattern is anything like mine you don’t have time to be tempted during the day because you are so busy but once you are relaxing at home it is easy to mall.

7. Take 2 tablespoons lecithin daily.

8. Don’t skip meals. If you do so, fat pours into the bloodstream at a level six times higher than normal which is burdensome for the heart.

9. Start an exercise programmed and stay with it.

10. Skin-scrub twice daily.

II. Learn to love and value yourself and get the support of somebody both knowledgeable and sympathetic behind you someone who doesn’t have tunnel vision about the basic high protein-diet which seems to be the only way westerners think of losing weight.

12. Avoid those powders which, mixed with milk or water, are supposed to accelerate weight loss. They lack fiber and without fiber you are in danger of encouraging the formation of gallstones. Ensure that the bowel, kidneys and liver are working properly before going on a prolonged diet. Resort to blood-purifiers and kidney-cleansers in the final stages of a diet to help you over the final hump. In the meanwhile,

take the following formulation.

2 parts chickweed1 part kelp

I part black walnut leaves

I part alfalfa

1-part horsetail

I part plantain

1-part Irish moss a parts Turkey rhubarb

1-part ginger

Take two size O’ capsules of the finely powdered herbs twenty minutes before each meal with a cup of dandelion tea or coffee. This formulation is designed to support the thyroid, to help to cleanse the colon, kidneys and liver, to boost the metabolic rate and to ensure a correct sodium-potassium ratio. Spirulina, an alga farmed in Mexico, is very nutritious and helpful if you have strong hunger cravings but should never be used if your lymphatic system is poor. Take 2 teaspoons powdered spirulina stirred into juice before every meal.

 Boy or Girl?

The sex of a baby is determined by the father’s sex chromosome and the only foolproof way to plan the sex of a baby is by artificial insemination. The following methods will give you a slightly better than average chance of conceiving a baby of the sex you want and is based on the fact that sperm with Y sex chromosomes (which produce boys) are smaller, faster, lighter and stronger than sperm with X sex chromosomes (which produce girls).

The former thrives in an alkaline environment, the latter in an acid environment. The likelihood of conceiving a boy is increased if you abstain from love-making until ovulation occurs. To neutral. size the acidity of the vaginal secretions (if you want a boy). douche with a very weak solution of sodium bicarbonate just before love-making.

If it is a girl you want make love frequentlyjust before ovulation occurs and obviously, continue to make love as ovulation occurs) and douche with diluted apple vinegar.


If you have been trying unsuccessfully to conceive for more than six months and you are under thirty, check (by using a tempera tire chart and detecting the change in your cervical mucus that you are not consistently making love on infertile days of the month. Bear in mind that anxiety about being infertile can inhibit conception.

Having a holiday is a good way of helping you to relax. A woman’s natural fertility declines after the age of thirty, but if you have had a child or a previous pregnancy and are unable to conceive contact your doctor. It is unusual to experience difficulties in conceiving a second or third child. The good news is that although precise causes of infertility in a couple are often difficult to establish, at least so per cent of infertile patients can be helped medically With repeated ejaculations the number of sperm in the eject late declines.

A high live-sperm count per ejaculate is known to be essential for conception to take place. So, if your partner has ejaculated several times over the preceding few days, conception is less likely to occur on the day you ovulate because his semen will contain insufficient sperm. For this reason, it is probably best to abstain from sexual intercourse for two or three days before ovulation is expected to occur.

On the other hand, it is not advisable to abstain for too long since sperm can live in the male reproductive system for only about ten days. Consequently, the number of healthy sperm in the ejaculate is known to be reduced in men who have not ejaculated for more than a week. If a woman stands up and walks around immediately after making love most of the seminal fluid will leak out of her vagina.

To give as many sperm as possible a chance of beginning their journey to the fallopian tube into which the egg-cell will be or has been released it is a good idea to lie quietly on the bed for twenty minutes or more after making love with the buttocks raised slightly on a pillow and the knees bent upward.

By usingthis position the semen will be encouraged to bathe the cervix. I would strongly advise all infertile women to have an iridology test. This will help to establish which of the many possible causes of infertility are relevant to them. From my own experience I have found too many infertile women think only of their reproductive organs when the problem is more likely to be auto-intoxication.

The following formula is good for cleansing all the organs contained in the pelvic and abdominal area, for purifying the blood, regulating periods, reducing swelling and soothing any vaginal irritation, relaxing the nervous system and killing any parasites. It is also rich in iron, potassium and vitamins B and C. Infertile women should take extra vitamin E Up to 1,200 IU a day, provided their blood pressure is normal and there is no history of rheumatic fever.

Equal parts of:

red clover blossom




blessed thistle

false unicorn





Infuse and drink three or four cups daily, do not neglect a good overall body cleanse.