Organic food

I am an ardent supporter of organic food: it is real food, and it tastes like it. The main reason for choosing produce is that artificial pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics and livestock feed additives are prohibited in its production This means that organic food contains fewer chemical residues which allowed to build up in our bodies, can. cause free radical damage and diseases such as cancer and heart disease. In the shorter term, the body complains by developing irritable bowel, colic or hyperactivity. (Sadly; It is almost impossible to find food that is completely chemical free because the atmosphere and ground water are already heavily polluted. The fact that your system is not constantly bombarded with pesticides and chemicals means your body will generally become more efficient

Since organic producers generally do not force-grow fruit and vegetables by filling them with water, your body will glean more nutrients per mouthful. This one of the main reasons why organic food tastes better than perfect-looking, forced food (like those waterlogged tomatoes sitting in neat rows in your super market where you are getting, and paying for, a mouthful of water.

Think this is also one of the reasons why people think healthy eating is time consuming and a little boring. If you buy non-organic fruit and vegetables, you will need to devote more time to making them taste good. Fruit will be a duty rather than a delicious snack, if food tasted as it was meant to, we would all enjoy the fresh. natural tastes.

Thankfully, more and more organic suppliers of all kinds of food and drink are popping up around the country. There are also co-operative companies who deliver nationwide, it’s just a question of incorporating ordering into your schedule. I recommend that you contact the Soil Association     for lists of suppliers

At the moment organic food is a little more expensive, but the price will come down if there is greater demand. Bear in mind when you tot up the cost of buying organic that the intense flavors mean you need to do less to the food to get it tasting good. You lose less water from organic meat, so poultry doesn’t collapse and joints of meat don’t shrink as much once they are cooked.

Some people wonder whether the produce is genuinely organic or just a marketing ploy. The most reliable way of checking is to look for a certification mark from a registered organic producer They are subject to annual spec Hon to ensure that they meet the very strict organic standards laid down under European legislation.