Healthy snacks

Many men, women and children find their bodies are not comfortable with just three meals a day, and need a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. Tempting a5 it is to grab a chocolate bar or a bag of crisps, because that’s what everyone else has, these will not help your body feel good. If you know you need regular stocks, take the opportunity to introduce some more health-giving foods, I’ve listed a few ideas below.


You don’t need me to tell you that these are perfect snack food. Rather than just munching an apple, why not slice your apple and eat it with a few cubes of cheese: Grapes and pears are also good with cheese. Oranges can be messy to cat at work, so prepare a simple fruit salad with, for example, sliced oranges dried figs or black grapes and kiwi fruit.Poached fruit, apple purée or a compote of seasonal fresh or dried fruits can be served on its own or with yoghurt. See also Raspberry fool,


Apricots, figs, prunes and raisins are rich in minerals such as magnesium,calcium, potassium and iron, and are high in fiber. Their only drawback as a snack is that they are quite high in sugar, so I suggest you eat no more than two or three, with a glass of water, this will help the fiber swell and stimulate the fullness center of your brain In any case it’s not a good idea to eat large amounts of dried fruits, as they can cause indigestion and wind

Try to get fruits that don’t use Sulphur dioxide (E220) as a preservative. Sulphur dioxide preserves the color, so unsculptured fruits can look less vivid, but sulphating agents can cause food sensitivities in some people


The mixture of fresh fruits and perhaps some yoghurt or milk gives your body an amazing health energy boost. Many fruit shakes can be made in advance and taken to work or college in a small flask. Look at the recipe suggestions on


Many cake and biscuit recipes can be adapted to incorporate whole meal flour and/or oats. Using these higher fiber ingredients slows down the absorption of sugar into the body, thus preventing energy swings. Fiber also helps your bendy produce substances that can reduce the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer. Try fruit and malt loaf or flapjacks made with apple purée or chopped dried fruit


Buy whole heat muffins or make oat muffins and sliced banana.


Top with a slice of salami, lean ham, roast chicken, or maybe some sliced tomatoes with a few olives, or sliced cucumber and chopped fresh dill.


A bowl of soup is ideal in the middle of the afternoon if you are at home or have a flask to take to work. It’s also a great way to stave off hunger pangs as soon as you get home. Children enjoy sprinkling croutons or roasted sunflower seeds on top. Homemade soups contain fewer additives, preservatives, salt and other potentially health-hindering ingredients than ready-made ones, and they are so easy to make.

What’s more, you can choose your own combination of vegetables and fruits, such as roasted pumpkin or parsnip and lemon for more ideas Soup-making is most definitely worth the small amount of effort. If you make a large pot of soup, you can freeze it in portions and then thaw it out as you need it. Base it on a simple stock get into the habit of using the bones and leftover vegetables from your chickens and Sunday roasts to make your own stock.

Failing this, use bought stock or stock cubes. A good insentient is a hand-held blender, which can be used in the pan in which you’ve simmered the vegetables, hence saving on the washing up. A blender also makes your soup more versatile: it can turn a chunky minestrone into a smooth vegetable soup,


Cherry tomatoes, sticks of carrots, celery and cucumber can be served with hummus or a simple dip of yoghurt mixed with spring onions and grated cucumber. This is a very good snack for people who have given up smoking


If you are roasting vegetables for your evening meal, make extra and take them to work in a plastic container. Remember that you only need to use a small amount of olive oil. Mushrooms, peppers, asparagus, courgettis and auberges are delicious at room temperature.